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Essential Drone Addons for Drone Enthusiasts

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Generally, drones come with some pretty basic stuff that will help you get through in the starting, but the more you start playing around with your drone you will realize the need for some accessories which could make things go smoother in the long run and also get the most out of your drone's performance and lifespan.

Welcome to the world of drone add-ons before diving deep you must make sure that the accessories you choose fit your specific drone model or else you'll have to go through the trouble of returning them.

Carrying Case

Most drones come with a doable carry case that only fits your drone and controller, I would suggest investing in some quality bag that is light and can accommodate all your drone accessories along with your drone and controller.

Spare Battery

Drone flight times are usually around 20-30min with even the best drones not going beyond half an hour. In such a case, it becomes essential to buy spare batteries to keep them going longer rather than waiting until your batteries charge.

You may be able to complete your shooting work in 20min but sometimes you just gotta be longer in the air to get the best shots.

High Capacity SD Card

Drones usually come with 8-16GB memory not good enough for your 4K videos and High Definition photography. So, I would recommend using a high-capacity SD card around 32-64GB so that you don't run out of memory mid-shoot. Buying an SD Card with UHS-1(Ultra High Speed) standard is also preferable as they'll provide you with a god write speed with a minimum of 10MB/s.

Neutral Density Filters

For those of you shooting video, these filters are very useful, they act as sunglasses by cutting the

amount of sunlight coming into the camera. This becomes important as while shooting a cinematic video you need to for shutter speeds around 1/50th of a second, achieving shutter speeds this low can be possible only if you restrict the amount of light coming to the camera.

Extra Propellers

Let's face it you are not perfect you're going to crash the drone into trees and walls once in while or maybe your friends might, and if not so your dog, cat or kids might damage the drone. In such case, you must keep a spare set of propellers handy as this is the part of the drone that is most likely to be damaged the rest of the drone is usually pretty sturdy.

Using a damaged or chipped-off propeller is also not a good idea as it will cause your drone to vibrate mid-air affecting your shoot quality.

Propeller Guard

If you fly your drone indoors or in closed more often than not then you should consider buying a propeller guard. Keep in mind it'll slightly add to the weight of your drone and could affect performance in windy conditions, but for most of the part, it's useful. If you want more battery life you could leave them out as well.

Propeller Strap

These straps come cheap and keep your propellers safe while traveling so they don't move around and damage themselves.

Landing Gear

The new drones in the market come with low ground clearance so make sure to buy a landing gear to increase ground clearance while landing.

Having a low ground clearance can result in your drone components getting damaged by sand, grass, or snow which affects its lifespan.

Tablet Bracket

For the drones that connect to your phone via Wi-Fi, you might want to fit a bigger screen on your controller. In such a case a tablet bracket will help you attach your tablet to the controller.

A bigger screen will give you a clearer view and help you to easily access the many butting the drone apps provide.

Car Charger

If you wanna charge your batteries on the go you can choose either a simple car charge or car power inverter instead which will convert your dc power from car to ac power and then you can plug in your normal battery charger and even use it to charge your laptops phone etc.

Landing Pad

To avoid dust getting into your drone while taking off or landing a landing pad comes useful.

It is a portable mat that will give you a nice clean dust free environment.

Joystick Guard

To protect your joysticks from damage a joystick guard comes in handy. They not only protect the joysticks from damage but also keep them from moving.

GPS Tracker

Your drone might be reporting its position via the app but as an extra layer of safety in case, your drone flies away from your app's range these GPS trackers can come in handy.

Drone Insurance

If you're new to flying drones having a drone insurance plan gives you the peace of mind to go out and experiment with your drone.

Can you attach anything to your drone?

While there are many third-party modifications but these do not really change your motors which means you'll still be having the same flying capacity with more accessories so make sure you think twice before buying any not needed accessories.

That sums it up have fun flying your drone!


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