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Real Estate Aerial Photography -The Complete Guide

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Real Estate aerial photography has become essential these days to outrank other properties, multiple pieces of research show that properties with drone images are up to 70% more likely to be sold than those without them.

This is simply because aerial photographs show the customers what the property looks like along with its dimensions and surroundings.

This guide on real estate drone photography is made to inform you of its necessity, rules, and regulations, the best drones, and the post-processing of your photos and videos to get the best out of them.

Why is Real Estate Aerial Photography Needed?

Aerial photos really help the realtor to focus on the beauty of the surroundings and clearly show the property size.

A handheld device cant give you a full perspective of the dimensions of the property especially a large one like ranches, mansions, etc. Aerial videos clearly show the clients everything about the property from its roof to things like how big is the backyard. Is there a garage how does the whole property layout in terms of direction and approachability to different roads?

Real Estate drone photography helps show the condition of nearby buildings, roads, shops, and parks as well as their relative distance from the listed property putting the property in proper context.

Rules and regulations for real estate drone photography and videography can be seen in this article on Drone Flying Rules and Regulations which completely explains all you will be needing to commercially shoot properties under the FAA guidelines.

Best drones for real estate photography

I would personally recommend buying a quality drone will go long way in getting the best out of your properties.

Check out our complete review of the best drones in the article Best Drones for Digital Creators in 2022 to help you finalize the drone that suits your needs and budget.

Additional drone accessories for a better flying experience and also to protect your equipment can be found in our article on Essential Drone Addons for Drone Enthusiasts.

Post Processing of photos and videos is equally important to really make your photos pop.

Follow this guide on Post-production of photos to learn more.


Real Estate photography has become more and more important especially in the hot real estate market areas so it's about time you start doing the same to be competitive and also ahead of time in some areas. With drone gear and software becoming better by the day and rules and regulations becoming more easier and smoother it's the right time to enter the drone photography era.


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